Sunday, July 8, 2012

Into the mountains!

I did it!  About two weeks ago I took the kids into the mountains with some friends.  Mason was in hog heaven!  Dirt, climbing, rocks, water, more dirt what more could a little boy want?  London pretty much could take it or leave it.  I accomplished a huge thing with my kids.  I don't normally leave the area where there is a hospital close by with my kids, some weird over protective thing I have, but it is getting better.  I want to take the kids camping at least once this summer, but I am not sure if my nerves can handle that yet!  I wonder does any other parent feels this way or is it just me and my craziness?  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!


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  1. My kids are so accident-prone that I probably shouldn't take them out of hospital range but I do sometimes... but I'm proud of you for doing something fun and out-in-the-woods-y. Glad y'all had a good time!!